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Florida Association for Child Care Management (FACCM) is a professional association of Child Care Business owners and operators dedicated to ensuring quality early childhood education and best business practices in the Child Care industry through advocacy, education and accreditation. Membership with FACCM is open to early childhood education professionals, business owners, operators, and advocates. FACCM is unique. It maintains a Board of Directors that walk in the same shoes as the members. FACCM Board of Directors value direct member feedback to drive addressing advocacy and legislative issues at the highest levels within the state of Florida, guaranteeing the voice of the Child Care Industry is heard. FACCM Board of Directors offer regular input to make certain the APPLE Accreditation standards and state quality initiatives are an accurate representation of the high-quality markers that are essential in providing early education and care to Florida’s youngest citizens.

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The Florida Association for Child Care Management is a private nonprofit organization that represents early learning and child care center owners across the state to ensure their perspective is considered through consistent legislative involvement and quality initiatives.


The Association is a professional organization dedicated to promoting high standards of early child care and education through advocacy, professional development, and accreditation, supporting sound business practices to ensure the continued success of the private child care industry.

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