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Celebrate APPLE

APPLE Accreditation is an incredible milestone for your business to celebrate. Accreditation validates the hard work the administrative and teacher teams put into providing a high-quality learning experience for young children. Whether it is your first or 5th accreditation, it deserves to be recognized, respected, and celebrated.

Celebrate APPLE Accreditation

  • Use the APPLE logo to promote your schools’ accreditation.
  • Display your Accreditation Certificate in a prominent location in your school.
  • Send a news release to your local media.
  • Conduct a ribbon cutting, news conference, or open house with your local chamber of commerce, elected officials, or other dignitaries as well as the children, families, and staff to share in this accomplishment.

Here are some ideas for such an event:

  • Discuss how staff and community involvement is key to meeting and maintaining standards.
  • Explain that the focus is on the child and that high quality early learning experiences are key to life-long success; 90% of brain development takes place before the age of 5.
  • Invite APPLE/FACCM representatives too!
  • Order branded materials with both school and APPLE logo.
  • Reward your teachers and community partners who participated in the successful accreditation of the school.
  • Display the APPLE Accreditation decal on school windows.
  • Have refreshments and age appropriate activities for children.