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Steps to Accreditation

  • The first step is initiating a FACCM Membership, which offers full benefits and access to the FACCM Membership Hub. Please review and select the APPLE Application that best suits your accreditation goals.
  • APPLE offers two different applications: Standard or Advanced.
  • Standard Application: Please visit the introductory pages of the APPLE Manual to learn more about the estimated timeline of the Standard Accreditation process.
  • Advanced Application: An accelerated process that can shorten the timeline of becoming accredited. It is designed for programs that want to become accredited at a quicker pace than those of the Standard Application.
  • Advanced Applications are required for all Change of Owner Applicants.
  • The APPLE Accreditation forms are in the FACCM Member Hub in the Resources The forms may also be found in the 2019 APPLE Manual, Appendices, and Policies.