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FACCM proudly represents the interests of early learning providers as the 'Voice for Early Learning'. Our membership and board of directors are made up of owners and operators, like you, who share the challenges of the never-ending stream of regulations, policy changes, new agencies and requirements, flawed technology launches, and an overall increase cost to operate, without a significant increase in reimbursement rates. FACCM's influence on laws and regulations governing your business directly depends on cultivating a strong presence and solid relationships in Tallahassee. Our talented and experienced lobbyist helps us cultivate these relationships and share our unique challenges with lawmakers throughout the year.  This effort is paramount to our overall legislative goals and objectives expressed in the 2022 FACCM Advocacy Priorities. We need your help. Our efforts are multiplied when we work together to accomplish our goals in a unified voice. Join FACCM's Voice for Early Learning Political Action Committee (PAC) With your help, we can advance our priorities and address harmful measures more effectively. Your contributions help elect candidates FACCM can educate on early learning issues, who will listen to our challenges, and will become early learning champions. To support us in our effort to create more early learning champions in the Florida Legislature, please consider donating today.

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